In Place: Stories of Landscape & Identity from the American West

In Place:  Stories of Landscape & Identity from the
    American West

In Place: Stories of Landscape & Identity from the American West

By Barbara Allen Bogart

What is this mysterious link between the land and the people of the American West? Barbara Allen Bogart traveled the West searching for the stories people tell about the places in which they live. She interviewed grizzled old-timers and wide-eyed newcomers. She dug through dusty boxes in archives looking for stories lost with time.

In Place records the stories she found, written in the voices of the storytellers themselves. Sit down with them and hear tales of the West—first-hand accounts of blizzards and bears, arid deserts and roaring floods, brides who stayed and those who didn’t, tragic deaths and remarkable survival. Hear the story of the American West told by people who have experienced it.

To share a place through story is to find a bond that cannot be broken while the place is there. As we tell and listen to stories about a place, we come to understand its effects on us. how its weather, its shapes and scents, its patterns of light and shadow, its colors and forms have imprinted us with that sense of familiarity that makes us call it home and makes us feel as though we somehow belong there.

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Barbara Allen Bogart

Barbara Allen Bogart

Barbara Allen Bogart studied literature and history at the University of Southern California, then earned an M.A. in literature from San Francisco University, and M.A. and Ph.D degrees in folklore from UCLA. She was a member of the American Studies faculty at the University of Notre Dame for ten years and served as director. She was Historian at the Wyoming State Museum, was Director of the Uinta County (Wyoming) Museum, owned a bookstore, and currently teaches courses for the University of Wyoming

Dr. Bogart has many years’ experience in oral history and folklore fieldwork, concentrating her research activities in the western states. She is the author of four other books, A Sense of Place: American Regional Cultures (1990), Homesteading the High Desert (1987), From Memory to History: Using Oral Sources in Local History Research (1981), and Images of America: Evanston (2000). She has also published many articles and essays on oral history, western history, and regional culture for professional journals.

She and her husband, Dan, lived in Evanston, Wyoming, until recently retiring and moving to Florida.

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