More Than Meets the Eye: Wyoming along I-80

More Than Meets the Eye: Wyoming along I-80

More Than Meets the Eye: Wyoming along I-80

By Mary Ann Trevathan

“We drove all the way across Wyoming last summer. There’s nothing there.”

Often people who say this have driven through Wyoming via Interstate 80. The disgruntled tourist have two complaints—monotony and desolation.

More that Meets the Eye makes traveling across southern Wyoming fun, whether by car, bus, bicycle, or armchair. If you get bored with the Interstate you can take an alternate looping route, including a national scenic byway.

If you stay on I-80, you can see archaeological digs, dinosaur fossils, wild horses, antelope, and a lot of other sights you can’t find just anywhere. But you won’t come upon many tourist traps: No “chicken feathers or tomahawks,” to quote anthropologist Chuck Reher.

People give places life. More that Meets the Eye focuses on Wyoming people who live and work along I-80: miners, ranchers, artists, activists, a race track owner, a geologist, a service station owner, lawmen, anthropologists, legislators—and historians.

You can read this book in any order. If you’re in a hurry and you’re driving from sunrise to moonrise, scan the overviews en route and leave the interviews to read at your leisure. But you don’t have to be driving across Wyoming to appreciate what people in this book have to say. You don’t have to leave home at all.

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Mary Ann Trevathan

Mary Ann Trevathan grew up in New York State, attended college in Pennsylvania, then headed West to teach English in a small Wyoming high school. She married a Virginian, lived in Wyoming for eight years, and still spends most summers there. She lives now in Morro Bay California, where she writes freelance articles for magazines and newspapers.

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